Don't let these common myths and mistakes lead to lost athletic recruiting opportunities!

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Attending showcases, camps, and clinics will get me recruited.

My superior athletic talent level will make up for my poor grades.

All colleges offer athletic scholarships.

Division I programs have big recruiting budgets.

If you receive a letter from a coach, you are being recruited.

I can't go to an NCAA Division III school because I need an athletic scholarship.

If you are good enough, coaches will find you.

College coaches can contact me anytime they want.

My coach will handle all of my recruiting, I don't need to worry about it.

NCAA Division III schools are weaker athletically.

Division I programs do not offer walk-on tryouts.

Coaches do not like being contacted by prospective athletes.

Recruiting starts during your senior year.

College coaches will help me get into their school if I am on the bubble academically.

Most athletes get a full scholarship or no scholarship.

College coaches only recruit top players.

High school coaches are qualified to determine if I am college athletic material.

Playing college athletics will not be much different than high school, aside of the skill level.

Playing at a Division I school is my only option for obtaining a collegiate athletic scholarship.