First State Preps was formed with one purpose in mind: To provide college coaches and student athletes quality and effective assistance during the college recruiting process. Serving families in the Mid Atlantic area and expanding nationwide; we have established ourselves as a premier and proven scouting and recruiting authority. Our mission is to offer the most efficient manner of showcasing the accolades and talents of the high school athletes we represent while continually providing a solid pipeline of quality, recruitable athletes to college coaches and recruiting coordinators nationwide.

The First State Preps Difference

First State Preps believes in the quality over quantity approach. We are not an open enrollment recruiting organization and are very selective with the athletes we represent. Our athletes are of the highest character, and have the athletic ability and academic credentials to compete at the collegiate level. The fundamental difference of maintaining a smaller base of families, allows our scouting staff to be able to dedicate the amount of personal attention necessary to be successful in the recruiting process and surpass expectations.

Our staff is comprised of former college athletes, coaches, scouts and recruiters who have years of experience in all facets of the recruiting process. We know the process because we have been through it ourselves, have guided many other families through it and have encountered every situation that can arise from years of experience as a staff. In short, we are good at what we do and are 100% committed to helping student athletes find their perfect collegiate “fit” both academically and athletically!


You Should Consider First State Preps if...

  • You are going through the recruiting process for the first time.
  • You want to be proactive in your recruitment and aggressively go after scholarship opportunities.
  • You want to leverage your athletic ability to gain admission into better high academic institutions.
  • You are interested in attending college out of state on a regional or national scale.
  • You attend a high school in an area that is not historically heavily recruited by college coaches.
  • You are years into your high school career and have not begun communicating with college coaches
  • You feel your high school or club coaches lack the relationships at the collegiate level to aid in your recruitment
  • You feel confused or overwhelmed by the uncertainties of the recruiting process.
  • You’re a junior or senior and are not comfortable with where you are in the recruiting process.