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"I can honestly say that it was a blessing to meet Mr. Ike and have him be apart of my life. I was able to have the opportunity to learn a lot from him in regards to the recruiting process as well as how I should go about selecting the college I want to attend. As a student athlete, one can tend to place more focus on the athlete aspect than the student aspect. Mr. Ike made sure that I understood even though I was a student athlete, the student part is really huge when selecting a college, he leaned more on selecting a college for its education first and then it's athletic program. Ike told me he was going to be a big brother to me during the recruiting process and he was a man of his word, he was always there for me with anything I needed. There is no doubt in my mind that I would not have a Division 1 full scholarship at such a prestigious school as Marquette University if it weren't for everything Mr. Ike and his staff did for me!"
Jay C. Whalen
Marquette University
Track and Field

"Thanks in large part to the dedication of Ike Wilson and staff, our son was able to accept an offer to play Division 1 soccer at his dream school American University. The guidance we received during this close to 3 year process was huge to our family. Finding the right college fit for soccer and academics was very important to us, and to be able to call, text and email Ike and staff 24 hours a day helped make the process less stressful. We certainly recommend getting recruiting assistance as early in the process as possible. Our son is as happy as he’s ever been and to see his collegiate dream come true is priceless."
Parent of Matthew O'Connell
American University

"Talent alone will not guarantee a college athletic scholarship. You need a coach who will be supportive, understands the athletes’ wishes and guide you through the recruiting process. That is exactly what Coach Carlton Brown did. Coach Brown was instrumental in guiding our son through the long and tiring recruiting process. He sent out game tape to many colleges, talked to college coaches and shielded our son from many potential recruiting downfalls. He helped with making phone calls, emails, and other communications for our son so he could concentrate on being a high school student. Coach Brown was there every step of the way and it resulted in over 40 Division 1 scholarship offers. Thanks Coach Brown!"
Parents of Trip Thurman
University of Florida

"Before working with Ike Wilson my parents had wasted money on another recruiting service that did absolutely nothing for me. It was one of the more popular companies out there and we figured they could help. It was a complete waste. After meeting with Ike and him explaining what he does and how his program worked it was clear that we needed to make a change. Within weeks of working with Ike I had quality video and materials for coaches to begin evaluating me. I began being contacted by schools all over the country and had my first scholarship offer within the first few weeks of working with Ike. Me and my parents traveled a lot and visited quite a few schools as I continued to pick up scholarship offers. I eventually accepted and committed to play Division 1 soccer at Towson University. This was a dream come true for me and my family and one that I never thought was possible. I never really played club soccer because I ran track as well most years and never was able to play in any showcase type events because of track obligations. The fact that I didn't have any interest going into my senior year was stressful but I knew I was good enough to play at the next level. It was a blessing to have met Ike Wilson and his staff when I did as I'm sure none of this would of been possible without his efforts and direction. Thank you so much!"
Katie Fullerton
Towson University

"I know there are a few options out there to get recruiting help but I always tell people if there is anyone local you should work with it's Ike Wilson and his staff at First State Preps. As a parent it was certainly a learning process. Like most parents, I knew very little about what needed to be done and how much work was involved in regards to a kid being recruited. Ike truly wanted to see Mike's dreams of playing Division 1 football come true and did everything he could to put him in position to do so. Coaching him up on what to do and say when talking with coaches, how to present himself, and what camps and showcases to attend. He even personally drove Mike to prospect camps and recruiting visits when I was unable to do so because of my work schedule. The recruiting process can be stressful at times but Ike always was the steady force behind the scenes creating real opportunities for my son. He worked with us from beginning to end and there is no doubt his efforts played a huge role with Mike signing his NLI to play division 1 football at Delaware State University."
Parent of Michael Credle Jr.
Delaware State University

"I learned a great deal about the recruiting process from working with my scout. I became more confident and involved in my recruitment and was able to use many of the tools l learned to help position myself to obtain an athletic and academic scholarship to play Division 1 baseball at UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County)."
Dmitri Floyd
University of Maryland Baltimore County

"I am so blessed to have been in the position I was from a recruiting standpoint going into my senior year. A time when many of my peers were struggling with their recruitment and having very little college interest or options I had double digit options and scholarship offers. Over the course of this process I was in contact with over 100 different schools and the assistance I received from you guys was invaluable to my recruitment. I am proud to say that I have officially committed to continue my athletic and academic career at Norfolk State University on full scholarship! To know that my parents won't have to pay a dime for my education is awesome and its my way of thanking them for all they have done and sacrificed for me to be put in this position. The work that you guys have done for me has been amazing and I am so grateful for your help in making my dream of playing Division 1 college football come true. There is no doubt that I would not be in the position I am in now if not for my scouts tireless effort to find the best opportunities for me. Thank you for all that you do for athletes in our area! You guys are the best!"
Isaiah Wilson V
Norfolk State University

"We really appreciate all of Ike Wilson's help. We had so many questions that Ike and his staff answered for us, we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Lindsay's size was always a concern for us as she is not the height some programs look for in a setter so we knew we had to find the right coach and program. Ike came and watched her play a few times and felt very confidently that Lindsay had the ability to play college volleyball. He immediately got to work putting together quality evaluation video and recruiting materials for colleges and before you know it Lindsay had coaches from a variety of programs recruiting her. This was an eye-opening experience for our entire family and with your help and guidance we found the perfect fit four our daughter. I’m not sure how we would have managed Lindsay's recruiting on our own."
Parents of Lindsay Burg
Wesley College

"I am so blessed and honored to have had you guys help me in my journey to continue my education and basketball career. You have sparked up a fire inside of me that almost dimmed out. As a result of your assistance, I have been able to get in contact with many coaches and visit a decent amount of campuses. There's a lot to take into consideration when making this decision and I am so happy to have had some real options to entertain. I have decided to further my education and basketball career at Stockton University. Without your help, none of this would have been possible. Thank you for all the time and effort you invested into my future. I appreciate every bit of it. Nowadays, you don't find many people helping other individuals trying to make their situations better. Again, as a result of your skills, there was a great change in me in every aspect of my life. I began to get refocused and grow knowing there was greater opportunities coming my way. I will definitely keep in touch. Stay blessed!"
Shaqui Coppage
Stockton University

"I want to give a huge thank you to First State Preps for their assistance with my collegiate recruitment. My dream has always been to play at the collegiate level and you guys definitely played a major role in helping me reach that goal. Days after starting to work with you guys I seen a huge increase in the amount of schools and coaches that were contacting me. I heard from schools from all division levels and really started to get a much larger pool of opportunities. It was really unbelievable and truly a blessing. I am so grateful for the assistance and am excited about my future as I was able to earn a full athletic scholarship to play Quarterback at Ferris State University in Michigan! This is huge for me and my family! Thanks again for everything!!!"
Da'vion Kidd-Jackson
Ferris State University

"I began working with Ike and his staff in the summer before my junior year of high school. Ike and I had just completed my preliminary paperwork when a few weeks later, I tore my ACL during a softball tournament. Physically, my softball career was put on hold and because junior year is such a critical time for recruiting, I worried that I would not get the college exposure that I was hoping for. While it may be easy for a student athlete to fall off the radar of college coaches when they face a long term injury, Ike never allowed that to happen. As I recovered, he worked tirelessly with me and my family, sending my skills video and athletic profile to hundreds of coaches across the country. Every week I was being contacted by more and more coaches and Ike and I worked together to navigate my recruiting process, even through my injury. With so many schools out there it can be overwhelming and hard to decide which ones to contact and how to do it. When a school came up that I wanted to pursue, Ike helped me draft emails and set up visits and phone calls with coaches, teaching me how to be professional and persistent along the way. It took so much stress off of me and my parents that the college search actually became pretty fun and exciting! I ultimately chose Arcadia University and could not imagine being anywhere else! The school is a perfect fit for me academically and athletically. I am grateful to have worked with Ike and his team because the knowledge and direction they provided gave me confidence during my recruiting process and opened the doors to schools that I would have never considered on my own."
Rebekah Good
Arcadia University

"I met Coach Brown about 14 years ago in 2004. He was my head coach at Dover High School in Dover, DE. I had already been the starting quarterback the year before Coach Brown arrived. Our team was struggling and lacking in a few areas, coaching being one of them. When Coach Brown arrived he was a breath of fresh air. As my head coach, Coach Brown taught me how to read defenses, make accurate throws, lead by example, and be a game changer. Coach was able to take a 3-7 team (before he became head coach) and teach us how to win big. That season with Coach Brown we finished 8-2. Our 2005-2006 season was the first time Dover High School had won a conference title in years. In high school my situation was a little different than most other students because I moved in with my sister at the age of 15. With both of my parents living in NJ at the time, I was missing that positive male figure in my life. Coach Brown was that for me. Not only did Coach Brown teach me about football, he taught me about life. One thing Coach Brown instilled in all of us players, was the importance of education. Coach would always go the extra mile to make sure the team stayed on top of our studies. In order for us to succeed on the field we had to first succeed in the classroom. I can honestly say I would not be the man I am today if it wasn’t for Coach Brown. That year with Coach Brown changed my life. Several of us players went on to receive scholarships to various colleges throughout the country. I can attribute this to our play, our grades, and Coach Brown’s connections with colleges on the Division 1, 2, and 3 level. I personally received a full athletic scholarship to a Division II school. After receiving some pretty high praise in college, I went on to attended the NFL’s Regional and National Combine, worked out for several NFL and CFL teams, and finally landed a starting job playing arena football. I owe almost ALL of my success to Coach Brown. In fact, I am still succeeding in life today because of him. In May of next year I will be receiving my Juris Doctorate degree at Widener Commonwealth Law School in Harrisburg, PA. Coach Brown is a positive role model, and he is actively involved in making sure that players not only excel on the field but in the classroom. I speak for me and all of my former teammates when I say Coach Brown changed our lives.

Ronald Thompson
J.D. Candidate, Widener Commonwealth Law School ‘19"
Ronald "Bo" Thompson
Clark Atlanta University

"I've known Mr. Ike since I was in elementary school so it was a blessing that he turned out to be my main recruiter in high school when my family decided that I needed some collegiate recruiting assistance. For me coming out of Wilmington Friends a small private school in Wilmington Delaware, and not participating with any major AAU programs until the summer before my senior year I needed all the exposure I could get. What stood out to me with Ike is that it seemed like he really cared about where I ended up after high school. Not only did he market my abilities to schools all over the county but he would give me a summery of how the program was from a athletic standpoint along with a academic standpoint. It was unbelievable to see the huge change in my recruitment once I began working with him and his staff. During my time under Ike we would talk frequently about colleges that reached out. Ike would always give me a realistic possible outcome based on how the colleges were pursuing me. He told me often which schools were hot or warm in terms of interest level. Every other week he was either congratulating me on a big game or giving me some new info on a potential program that expressed interest in me. I never once got the feeling that Ike wasn't genuinely trying to lookout for my best interest, and for this I'm forever grateful. Thank you for what you guys do it's truly appreciated!"
Jordan Perkins
Gwynedd Mercy University

"We had no clue of what to do or how the recruiting process worked. We just knew our son wanted to pursue playing at the next level. After meeting with Ike it became clear we needed help and that's exactly what we received. We were blown away by the amount of attention Sam received from college coaches once Ike began marketing his abilities. He was very professional in everything that he did and we could really see he was passionate about helping our son. It was certainly a great experience for our family and we have since referred other families in similar circumstances his way and will continue to do so."
Parent of Sam Wayne
Hofstra University

"It has been a great experience working with First State Preps. Ike Wilson explained to us the complexity of the recruiting process and how we should go about navigating our way through it with his guidance. We were blown away by the amount of coaches that began contacting Andre once we started the process with First State Preps. It's been great having someone we could lean on for guidance as we navigate this process. We couldn’t be happier in the decision to work with him and the First State Preps staff. Not only has he helped our son but we have become like family in the process. I believe what he and the staff do for student-athletes is amazing and I certainly recommend First State Preps to anyone looking for collegiate recruitment assistance."
Parent of Andre Ward Jr.
Tatnall High - Class of 2018

"As an athletic director and head basketball coach at Glasgow High I have a deep passion for wanting all of the athletes in our program to be successful in all aspects of their lives. I've known Ike Wilson for a few years now and have personally seen the excellent job he does with the athletes he works with. We've had a number of college level athletes come out of our sports programs over the past few years and Ike and his staff has played a major part in working with many of them. He has a great grasp of the recruiting process in each sport and has built solid relationships with college coaches. I've seen firsthand the results of his work with our athletes. Anytime a parent or student-athlete inquiries about the recruiting process he is the first person I direct them to. I would recommend him and his team to any student athlete in our area looking for recruiting assistance."
Jeremy Jeanne
Glasgow High School
Athletic Director & Head Basketball Coach

"Thank you so much for your efforts in marketing my abilities to schools all over the country. When we first started working together, I never dreamed I would receive the amount of exposure to college coaches that I did. Finding the right academic and athletic fit was very important to me and with your help I was able to do just that. I am beyond blessed to be attending and running for my dream school of Howard University and am very grateful to Ike and his staff for helping me throughout this process."
Ayoyimika Ajao
Howard University
Track and Field

"Ike did a phenomenal job in helping with my recruiting process. He knows exactly what he’s talking about and is very easy to talk to. We talked frequently via text, phone and email. It was also great that he was local and I saw him pretty frequently at my school and events. With his help we felt prepared for every situation and he always knew what was best for me! I’m very thankful that I had him as an asset during this process. I believe he and his team can help any student athlete get to the next level."
Darius Blalock-Lyn
Stevenson University
Track and Field

"I wanted to thank my scout Damon Saxon for helping me achieve my dream of getting a basketball scholarship. Thank you so much for everything and I couldn't have made this happen without all of your help. My interest didn't pick up until I started working with you guys and for that I'm forever grateful. Damon did an excellent job putting my info in front of the right coaches and schools and was always quick to answer emails or phone calls whenever we had questions. I really think that you guys are the best at what you do! Thanks again Damon, Ike, and First State Preps for making my collegiate dreams come true."
Marie Skrepanek
Point Park University

"Ike Wilson was invaluable in the recruitment of our daughter Shirle Brown for college basketball. He watched her play many times before even contacting us to make sure that she was recruitable. We had a very informative meeting and discussed everything we needed to do and know in regards to the recruiting process. We left that meeting feeling so relieved that we now had someone to help guide us in the right direction. Once Ike began marketing her, coaches from every level began contacting us. It was pretty unbelievable the amount of phone calls, text messages and emails from coaches she started getting. We were definitely satisfied with the level of promotion and exposure our daughter received. Thanks for everything!"
Parents of Shirle Brown
Delaware State University & Rosemont College

"We had a chance to follow what Ike was doing for the athletes he worked with through his social media and made the decision to reach out to him for help with Nate's recruitment. We are so pleased that we did. It was great having someone to lean on and throw ideas and questions off of throughout this process. Quarterback recruiting is tough and very competitive as most schools will only bring in 1, maybe 2, QB's per recruiting class and our son needed all of the help with exposure as we could get him. You only get to go through this process once as an athlete and we wanted to make sure we did it right. Ike did a great job with promoting our son and getting him on college coaches' radars. It was a total team effort by all involved and the end result was Nate finding the perfect academic and athletic fit for his collegiate football career."
Parent of Nate McCullough
Moravian College

"I was a late bloomer coming into the recruiting process and as a multiple sport athlete (football, track and basketball) I was unsure of which path to take to get to college. I was not being recruited by any schools athletically, but was a very good student. I knew I still wanted to continue athletics in college but needed help on finding the right school for me. I began working with Ike in the middle of my senior year and after going over my athletic accomplishments, grades, stats and film we decided that track and field would give me the best opportunity to compete in college. I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made. As soon as we started to market my abilities, I was quickly in contact and in communication with a variety of schools that were very interested in me joining their track and field programs. Ultimately Hood College in Maryland was my school of choice and I had the best 4 years of my life competing against some of the best athletes in our region. Made many friends and memories and graduated in 4 years with a degree in Bio Chemistry. I am currently enrolled at UMBC pursuing my PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences and truly am grateful for everything Ike and his staff did to put me in position to pursue my dreams. The work you guys do is awesome, especially for kids like me who may not have been in the best situation to get themselves seen in high school. Keep up the great work!"
Tyree Wilson
Hood College
Track and Field

"I've known Coach Ike since my pop warner days playing football at MOT. He has always been a big supporter and believer in my abilities. I have always had dreams of playing college football but didn't know how things would shake out. As my high school career developed I was playing well but it wasn't really turning into any real college interest so me and my parents felt as though I needed some help with my recruitment. I can honestly say that after we began working with Ike my interest certainly picked up. I started to get contacted by schools at a variety of levels who really liked what they saw in me. After a summer of prospect camps and visits I was able to really figure out what school was the best fit for me. Not sure if I'm playing college ball if we didn't make the decision to get his assistance. Definitely made a huge difference for me."
Kenyon Yellowdy
Delaware Valley University