Welcome to our Recruiting 101 page.  Here you will be able to further educate yourself on many aspects of the college recruiting process.  Our Recruiting FAQ’s, Recruiting Myth’s, and Helpful Recruiting Resources pages will help you sort through the basics of the recruiting process in a straight-forward and easy to understand way.  Select a question to learn more.

Recruiting FAQ's

What Do College Coaches Look For?

How Do I Know If I Am Being Seriously Recruited?

How Important is a Highlight/Skills Video?

When Is Too Early To Start The Recruiting Process?

What are my chances of playing college sports?

What should I look for in a college?

Who should I rely on to help me get a college athletic scholarship and a spot on a team?

How important are grades and test scores?

What are the different types of financial aid?

I am already getting contacted by colleges, so why do I need to do anything else?

What kinds of schools can offer athletic scholarships?

My parents and I plan to write to several college to see if they are interested. Will that work?

How valuable are exposure events?

When am I allowed to contact college coaches?

Will I still need to pay for school if I have a scholarship?

What is an "unofficial" and "official" visit?

Does my athletic scholarship cover my entire time in school?

Can my High School or Club Coach help me get recruited?

How important is timing when I’m trying to get recruited?

What is the NCAA Clearinghouse?

What is a NCAA National Letter of Intent (NLI)?

I am getting letters from schools and coaches. Am I going to get a scholarship?

How early can I give a verbal agreement?

What is the difference between the NCAA divisions?

When should I start the recruiting process?