Michael Baturin

Basketball (M)
Point Guard | Shooting Guard

Location: Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
High School: Camp Hill High School
GPA: 4.5
NCAA ID #: 2005867677

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Scouting Report

Michael is a very talented Class of 2022 basketball prospect that attends Camp Hill High School in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

Michael is a hard-nosed point guard with great penetration ability, court vision and court awareness, combined with very crafty ball handling skills; Michael penetrates and has the ability to create the best shot for himself or a teammate almost every time. Michael knows how to use his body and shield off shot blockers to finish at the basket. He knows how to use the pick and roll and pin his defender on his hip, then finish with a very efficient floater over top of the shot blocker. He knows how to penetrate and dish off to his forwards or kick out accurate passes to his shooters. His head is always up and he’s always under control and playing at the speed he wants. He easily handles the pressure from defenders because of his skills set and very high basketball IQ.

However, Michael is also a very deadly shooter from the mid range and three point range. He shoots at a very high level when he is the recipient of someone else’s penetration: whether that is a catch and shoot three or a one dribble pull up jumper at the elbow. Michael gets steals or rebounds and uses his quickness and high level motor to push the ball up the court to get lay ups for himself or teammates.

For all of his smoothness on offense, Michael plays a very “hard-nosed style” style of defense. His hands are always in the passing lanes getting steals or being used to annoy ball handlers creating turnovers. He keeps the ball in front of him and uses his frame very effectively.

Michael is a focused leader with an excellent work ethic on and off the court! Michael is an amazing student! He speaks 4 languages (fluent in 3 of them) and carries a 4.5 GPA.

For more information in regards to Michael Baturin’s collegiate recruitment, contact First State Preps scouting directors - Corey Dickerson at
(717) 443-9417
(cell) /

About Michael Baturin

Position: Point Guard / Shooting Guard
Height: 5'9 | Weight: 165lbs

Camp Hill High School 2020-2021 Stats:
(First Quarter of the season)

-Points per game: 11
-Assists per game: 4
-Rebounds per game: 4
-steals per game: 4

Camp Hill High School (2019-2020) Season Stats:
-Points per game: 12
-Assist per game: 6
-Rebounds per game: 4

Easton Tournament Basketball Team (2020)
- Points per game: 37
- Assist per game: 11

AAU: FBA Travel Basketball Team (2019)
- Points per game: 14
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 165
Vertical Leap: N/A
Wingspan: N/A
Standing reach: N/A
Hand size (palm base to end of middle finger): N/A
-2018 Patrick Ewing Camp: Championship Award

-2019 Handles Franklin Ultimate Spin Camp: Leadership Award

-2018 Handles Franklin Ultimate Spin Camp: Sportsmanship Award

-Team Captain (2 years)
High School: Camp Hill High School
High School Location: Camp Hill , Pennsylvania
GPA: 4.5
First Major: Undecided
Second Major: Undecided
Minor: Undecided
Enrollment: 400
Class Rank: N/A
Academic Achievements:
-Distinguished Honors Every Semester | 4.5 GPA
-Highest Grade in Latin
-Latin Fair Representative Selectee
-Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth
-Chinese Language Course

(August 2018- present)
-Distinguished Honors E
01/05/21 7:30 PM vs Bishop McDevitt HS

(A) 01/08/21 7:30 PM vs Columbia Borough HS

(A) 01/09/21 7:30 PM vs Halifax Area HS

(A) 01/12/21 7:30 PM vs East Pennsboro Area HS

(A) 01/15/21 7:30 PM vs Middletown Area HS

(H) 01/18/21 7:30 PM vs Biglerville MS/HS

(H) 01/20/21 7:30 PM vs Steelton-Highspire HS

(A) 01/22/21 7:30 PM vs Susquehanna Township HS

(A) 01/26/21 7:30 PM vs Trinity HS

(H) 01/29/21 7:30 PM vs Bishop McDevitt HS

(H) 01/30/21 11:30 AM vs Annville-Cleona HS

(H) 02/05/21 7:30 PM vs East Pennsboro Area HS

(H) 02/09/21 7:30 PM vs Middletown Area HS

(A) 02/12/21 7:30 PM vs Steelton-Highspire HS

(H) 02/16/21 7:30 PM vs Susquehanna Township HS

(H) 02/19/21 7:30 PM vs Trinity HS
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(Shortstop, Outfield , Pitcher)

Camp Hill High School Baseball Team (2019-present)
-.402 Batting Average
-Led Team in Batting Average, Hits, RBIs, 2Bs, SB

Keystone Nationals Select Baseball Team (2015-present)
-.603 Batting Average
-Short Stop, Outfield and Pitcher
- Led Team in Batting Average, Hits, RBIs, 2Bs, SBs

Backyard Gamers Baseball Team (2019-present)
-.500 Batting Average
Michael Baturin (C/o 2022 PG ) Camp Hill High School
Michael Baturin (C/o 2022 PG ) Camp Hill High School Vs Conestoga Christian
Camp Hill High School vs Steelton Highspire High School 2021
Michael Baturin (C/o 2022 PG )- 2021 Season Highlights (Part 1)

Coach's Evaluation

Contact Camp Hill High School Head Basketball Coach Scott Barrows for his personal evaluation of Michael Baturin’s character, work ethic, and athletic ability.

Coach Barrows can be reached at (717) 404-1938 (cell) / sbarrowspsu@gmail.com (email).

Personal Message

Dear Coach,

My name is Michael Baturin and I am a 2022 Point Guard at Camp Hill High School in Pennsylvania.

I played in the Fall Easton Tournament League in 2020. Prior to that, I played AAU Basketball for FBA Academy and in an off-season League at Fidonce in Philadelphia.

I bring a hard-nosed style of basketball on offense along with toughness on defense. I have excellent penetration skills and distribution ability. I also shoot at a high percentage. Most importantly, I keep a highly coachable attitude and understand the game, athletically and intellectually, effectuating my coach's objectives. I believe this makes me an asset to any basketball program.

I approach both school and sports with complete dedication and never steer away from a challenge, no matter the difficulty. I am committed to team playing, playing to win, and giving my all every minute.

I want to focus my academics on an intersection between business, government and language. I have a 4.5 GPA and I am in the top % of my Class. I speak four languages fluently (including Mandarin Chinese).

I can play basketball and excel at the collegiate level, and I look forward to having an opportunity to build a relationship with you. Feel free to contact me anytime.

Thank you again coach for consideration in your 2022 recruiting class.

Best Regards,
Michael Baturin
Point Guard | Class of 2022
Camp Hill High School - Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

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